Our Leadership Team

Chaplain – Fr. Hugh Vincent Dyer, O.P.


email: chaplain@jhucatholic.org

Assistant Chaplain – Father Athanasius Murphy

email: athanasiusop@gmail.com

Meet the 2017-2018 Board members

President – Grant Shewmaker


email: gshewma1@jhu.edu

Hey everyone! Welcome to the Catholic Community at Hopkins! My name is Grant Shewmaker and I am a senior Behavioral Biology major from Austin, Texas. I am honored to serve this community as President this year. On campus I also serve as Vice President of Alpha Epsilon Delta and love to stay  active by playing sports and running! I hope to give back and help provide the same welcoming, uplifting atmosphere that has made Hopkins home for me. I’m looking forward to getting to know all of you!

Vice President – Melissa Mai

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email: mmai2@jhu.edu

Welcome to the Catholic Community! I’m Melissa Mai, a junior majoring in Biophysics and Math from San Jose, CA. On campus, most of my time is spent on research and as a TA for Molecular Biophysics Lab and Protein Engineering, but I love hanging out with friends and cooking new foods! I’m really excited to meet everyone, and I look forward to growing in our faith together!

Communications Director – Thomas Ghebreyesus

email: tghebre1@jhu.edu

Treasurer – Nicholas Sass


email: nsass2@jhu.edu

Hi everyone, I’m Nicholas Sass. I’m a junior biomedical engineer from Buffalo, NY, and I serve as the Catholic Community Treasurer. When I’m not studying or in the lab, you’ll find me relaxing with friends, watching a movie, or playing a board game. I look forward to a great year with you all.

Outreach Coordinator – Irving Nestor

email: inestor1@jhu.edu

Freshmen Outreach Coordinator – Domonique Carbajal


email: dcarbaj1@jhu.edu

Welcome to Catholic Community, I am Domonique Carbajal a junior studying Biomedical Engineering, with a Computer Science minor. I am from the great state of Arizona and enjoy cooking with friends for Sunday dinner and taking extended study breaks singing Disney classics. You can find me around campus studying at MSE at all hours or at priest hours. I have found a family through Catholic community, one I needed especially during Freshman year and hope to welcome everyone into this group and give them the same support I received.

Publicity Coordinator – Carolyn Marar


email: cmarar1@jhu.edu

Social Coordinator – John Moore


email: jmoor134@jhu.edu

What’s up. My name is John and I like long walks on the beach and going to confession. When I’m not studying or doing work for the BAJA team, I enjoy the finer things in life, like Netflix, FFC chicken tenders, and pretending to do work in Brody when I’m really just looking at memes. As your social chair I will make sure that you have plenty of Catholic themed excuses to take a break from studying. Please contact me about Catholic social events or if you also think that ketchup is an inferior condiment.

Committee – Chris Mejia

email: cmejia3@jhu.edu

Community Service Coordinator – Brulinda Frangaj


Hi everyone! My name is Brulinda Frangaj and I am a senior majoring in Molecular and Cellular Biology. I am originally from Albania but now I live in New York. Other than the library, I spend quite some time in the lab doing research and exploring Baltimore. I also love playing volleyball and soccer so you might spot me at the Rec Center. I’m so excited to meet you all and have a great year together!

Community Service Committee – Julian Orillac

email: jorilla1@jhu.edu

Special Events Coordinator – Dikachi Osaji


email: dosaji1@jhu.edu

Welcome to the Johns Hopkins Catholic Community! My name is Dikachi Osaji and I am a senior majoring in Psychology. On campus you may see me dancing with Temps D’Afrique or working with our local Girls Scout Troop.The Catholic Community is a great place to meet people you may not have known. This year as Special Events Coordinator I look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to the JHU Catholic Community!

Spiritual Life Coordinator – Emily Pastrana

email: epastra1@jhu.edu

Spiritual Life Coordinator – Giselle Ruiz

email: gruiz2@jhu.edu

The Korean Catholic Community

President – Jae Wook Chung


email: jchung46@jhu.edu

Senior / ChemBE

Vice President – James Lee


email: jlee483@jhu.edu

Junior / International Studies

Treasurer – Youngjun Song


email: ysong48@jhu.edu

Sophomore / Neuroscience

Secretary – Kelly Park

Kelly Park

email: jpark202@jhu.edu

Senior / Cognitive Science

Communications Director – Bryan Hong

Bryan Hong

email: shong43@jhu.edu

Junior / International Studies

Spiritual Life Coordinator – Hailey Lee

Hailey Lee

email: jlee562@jhu.edu

Junior / Computer Science & Applied Math and Statistics