Newman Night


Newman Night is our weekly discussion series that focuses on reflecting on our personal experiences with our faith and exploring practical ways to live a Christian life on campus. Newman Nights are held at the Newman Center, and discussions are full of fellowship, delicious homemade desserts, and coffee.

Newman Night takes place after the parish’s Holy Hour, which starts at 7 PM. A group of students will be meeting in front of the marble Hopkins sign at 7:30 PM to walk down to the church together for the last 15-20 minutes of Holy Hour, though you are encouraged to go for as much or as little of Holy Hour as you need.

Feel free to bring work with you, since many students stay in the Newman Center afterwards to study in a quiet, comfortable space. We will all walk back to campus together.

Faith, Hope, and Love

Our current Newman Night Series is a short series delving into our own personal experiences of the three theological virtues: Faith, Hope, and Love. Come join us for an open mic night of sharing and listening to each other’s stories of how these virtues have influenced our spiritual development and everyday lives.


Previous Series

Cultivating Your Faith in College Series

This Newman Night Series explored ways for students of at any stage, from incoming freshmen to graduate students, to delve deeper in their faith while also juggling academics, social obligations, and extracurricular activities. We shared our experiences to find practical ways to grow as Catholics in our everyday lives as Hopkins students.


Human Empowerment (Fall 2016)

Location: Newman Center

Time: Thursdays, 7:30PM-8:30PM

Our new Newman Night Series is based on the video “Seven Deadly Sins; Seven Lively Virtues” by Father Robert Barron: